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New brand, new office

25 / 10 / 2019 Event admin


The new office in Da Nang started operation on September 15, 2019. Currently, the company has about 30 employees. The office has 4 meeting rooms, mainly used for meetings, seminars, and English studying. Besides, there is 1 dining room and 1 lunchroom for employees. The area of ​​technical staff, administrator, and HR is arranged in an open trend.


Besides work, the company also focuses on developing employees and care about their feelings. "Hackathon" is always organized regularly because programming contests are always a factor to maintain excitement for employees. The staff has breakfast, lunch, and coffee right in the office. Not only do they have the privilege to eat and drink, but employees also experience intellectual games at work. Many plants are planted around the building and in the office, creating cool spaces for the entire space. The company is also in the process of investing in additional office equipment to allow more people to join us.


We thank the leadership and all the employees, who have been with us every step of the way. We hope OpenWT will have more and more development, constantly reaching out further, prosperous.


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