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Quarter Meeting in March

22 / 03 / 2021 Quarter meeting admin

The Quarterly Meeting is held every 3 months and it is an opportunity for all Openwt employees to take a look back and discuss what we have achieved in the period, as well as to set a goal and expectation for the next quarter.


In this Quarterly Meeting on March 19, there were a total of 5 presentations including 1 from Mr. Frederic Weill - CEO of Openwt, and 4 from the 4 offices, namely Zurich, Geneva, EPFL, and our team Danang.


We started the Quarterly Meeting with the ‘State of The Union’ presentation from Mr. Frederic Weill, which was a summary of everything we have accomplished in the past quarter, an evaluation of our achievement, and also an expectation for the future.


The next parts were the introductions of 3 projects from the 3 offices. This was such a valuable experience for all employees because we had a chance to know better about these projects, their customers, their progress, and things they have successfully done.


Danang team also had a chance to talk about the trip to Phu Quoc late last year. Besides that, we also introduced digital experience including (Shazam, Duolingo, Netflix, Stackoverflow, Now, TED-talk).

Everyone's done well on their presentation! 


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